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Computer repair,TV Installation,Security Camera Installation Services

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Computer, Laptop & Mac Onsite Repair

One Lean Clean Machine Let us clean your machine from the inside out. We’ll have it running cooler and smoother — and looking brand new!

TV Installation

We will install a TV mount you supply for $99 on a normal stud wall (masonry additional), we can also supply you a TV mount for an additional charge (see extras).

Security Camera and Alarm System Installation

All our cameras deliver high quality pictures with bright colours, enabling you to identify each and every detail.


Gaming has turned out to be prominent nowadays, and when it has propelled by Pogo games then it is much all the more intriguing and upbeat.

Printer Onsite Repair

All-Around Peripheral Help Printers, scanners and speakers, oh my! Plus, any other accessory that you need connected. We’ve got you all hooked up.

Router & Networking Onsite Repair

Networking Nirvana We’ll help you repair or install any networking cables or components from routers all the way up to servers — and everything in between.