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One Call Solves It All : 866-633-3188

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Tech Geekx Onsite has become a competent online tech support company which has lots of satisfied customers. It is a sole destination for many users who seek high quality help and support for issues related to their computer. We believe in complete satisfaction of the customer with our technical support services. A specialized team of Microsoft Certified Technicians will make sure that your problem is completely resolved and all the needed measures will be taken so that you don’t face the same problem again and again.



The technical support service provided by Tech Geekx Onsite range from the Laptop and Computer (PC) setup and installation. Our technicians can easy and quick diagnose and support secure online remote connection. Our solutions have been designed with objectives of high performance & security at every level of its hardware and software. Our main goal is to reduce time to repair and increase reliability and uptime.


What we offers…….

  • Automated PC & Network Security Protection
  • Automated Anti-virus, Anti-spam software and definitions updates to ensure that your company's PCs have the latest protection & scans for viruses on a regular basis, whether or not you remember to initiate them
  •  Improved PC and Network Speed, Stability & Reliability
  • Dozens of security & maintenance scans daily, weekly, or monthly to keep your PCs, system &
  • Internet running at peak performance Missing DLL File Issue Repair Applications That Won’t Install
  • Slow Computer Repair & Speed up Services
  •  Abnormal Computer Application Behavior Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Google Chrome Support
  • Mozilla Firefox Support
  • Internet Explorer Support
  • Safari Support


One Call Solves It All : 866-633-3188

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